Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Will

My mom had surgery 1.5 weeks ago and is now home recovering. She has all these ideas of what she wants to get done over the next week. Apparently one of the things requires me making copies of my house keys and sending them to her in case she has to get in for an emergency.

Foundation laid... this reminded me that I need to write a will and also plan my memorial. It's so weird to think about not being around to just take care of it myself! I like to do things myself because then I know that they will get done the way that I want them to be done. So given this, my mind is now trying to think of everything that might possibly need to be taken care of in the event that I'm not here to do it (I don't really want to say 'dead') :P Yet even as I'm thinking of all this stuff, I'm also thinking about how it's not necessary to detail everything and that's why you have an executor. But then, what if... and I'm back in the circle again.

And not just all that, but I'm thinking about a world that I no longer exist in. And well, I only have experience in a world where I do exist. I can't die. I'm... I'm... I'm... fairly young (although having a crisis about turning 28 in 5 months).

This is all just so wierd. And so I've written this blog about it instead of actually writing the will or memorial plans. But it's something that I know I should do and will be interesting to do and so I'll do it and eventually finish it. Can a dog be named in a will?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dumb Dog!!

So I always thought that dogs knew what they shouldn't eat and would stay away from it. Well, apparently roach poison is not on the list of ineditables! I came home from work early on Thursday, October 25, 2o07 to a huge mess of black plastic all torn up across the living room. I had put out some roach baits the night before and Baylor apparently thought they would taste good so he tore up four of them and ate the poison in them. This was sometime between 7:30A and 3:00P. So starts the adventure...

Baylor was acting normally, but I wasn't sure what to do. I called Baylor's vet and they said that I needed to bring him in IMMEDIATELY so they could start poison treatment. Well, they negelcted to tell me that I should bring in one of the traps so they would know what the poison was. I took him and and then went to SafeWay to see about getting more traps so that the vets could see what he had eaten. SafeWay only had one kind of roach baits and fortunately they were the ones that Baylor had eaten! I bought them and showed them to the vet. It turns out that the main ingredient is actually something that is used as flea and tick treatment. It kills fleas by causing something very similar to a full body tetnus reaction and could possibly cause respitory distress or arrest in Pups :(

In the meantime Baylor has been set up with an IV so they can try to dilute the poison that was digested and been given charcoal to deactivate the poison that hasn't been digested. They let me back to see him once and he was still acting like himself. (At PetSmart that means he was trying to get out.) They kept him for three hours. They wanted me to take him to an overnight hospital, but we decided that it would be ok if I took him home as long as I woke up EVERY hour to check on him throughout the night. It was a very long night, but he made it through just fine. I, on the other hand, was quite tired.

For his second day, I had to take him back to the vets so they could watch him some more and give him a full checkup. They kept him almost all day. He checked out just fine :) I was told to keep an eye on him for a few more days but that he should be okay since he hasn't had any negative effects yet. He never did have ANY negative effects from the poison or the charcoal. Praise God for his protection of Baylor!!

What is really funny about all this is that if I give him cheap treats he gets diarrhea. If I get him expensive rawhides he chews them and then vomits them up all over. However, if he eats roach poison or is given charcoal (causes diarrhea) he is just fine!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baylor's First Howl-O-Ween Party

I decided that Baylor was finally old enough to dress up and go to his first Howl-O-Ween party. Poor little (spoiled) dog doesn't actually like dressing up or PetSmart, but, well, I didn't give him a choice :O I got the cutest little Bumble Bee costume for him (as did several other parents apparently). We went and got to meet lots of other dogs and he got lots of treats and we had our picture taken. Overall, it was a lot of fun; although, Baylor was definitely ready to leave after an hour. FYI - there are male bumble bees.